Who are the “Dummies?”

Of course, I don’t mean YOU!

When I say “dummies,” I’m talking about all those people out there who don’t know as much about the use of social media by the pharmaceutical industry as I do. Since I am an “intern” in this field, I don’t yet know much. But I am working with the best and the brightest and hope to learn more! Of course, as I do learn more, there will be more and more “dummies” out there who have not kept up with me. So don’t be surprised if one day you find yourself to be a “dummy.” It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It just means you have to learn a bit more.

Now there are also experts with regard to one aspect of pharma social media who are also “dummies” with regard to another aspect. If you look at it that way, then we are all “dummies” all the time because social media is changing so rapidly that it is almost impossible for anyone to keep up with ALL of it. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical arena because pharma marketers are very creative and have many ways of working around regulations, even when those regulations do not even exist! For example, pharma marketers may just decide one day that there is a social media “rule” that is evident from warning letters issued by the FDA. Since there are so many ways of interpreting these letters, there are many “dummies” out there who have completely missed the point!

Hopefully, if we agree that we are all complete “dummies” some of the time and partial “dummies” all of the time, but not complete “dummies” all of the time, then I think we will get along nicely!

To determine if you are a pharma social media “dummy” in comparison to others, I suggest that you take the Pharma Marketing NewsRate Your Social Media Marketing Readinessself-assessment survey.

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